Glitter, glitter everywhere!

I’ve been itching to create some new designs, but since having baby Stanley I don’t seem to get any time at all, not sure where the day goes? I have had this idea for ages to incorporate glitter and diamontes in my artwork, creating a more three-dimensional effect…. so Stanley and I took a wander to the shops in the hunt for glitter as I was too impatient to order it from the internet and wait.

We went into every single shop I thought might sell glitter, most didn’t sell it and only a few stocked the really coarse stuff that wouldn’t work! Feeling a little despondent (well I perked up after buying a large Costa coffee and cake!), we left to come home and it was then I noticed a teeny frame shop that I walk past every time I go shopping, don’t know what made me go in there but it was like an aladdins cave of glitter! They had so many varieties I couldn’t believe it. So £30 lighter (don’t tell my boyfriend!), I was all glittered up and literally running home to play!

I spent about 5 very late nights (one was about 3am I think!), designing my new artwork and playing with design variations (I always create about 75 different varieties!) and of course endlessly playing with glue and glitter I have managed to produce 2 girls designs and 1 boys (promise more boys designs are coming!).

I hope you like them. They do look so beautiful in real life, the photographs don’t do them justice, well I’m not much of a photographer anyway!

Introducing my new ‘Glitter-arty’ collection…


Glitter-arty Heart Boys 'Glitter-arty' PrincessGlitter-arty Heart Girl