Nicky Luck…

meHaving worked as a Graphic Designer most of my career, I have now taken my love of illustration and painting to the next level and created a series of both digital and original canvas art for children’s bedrooms.

I first started painting bespoke Children’s murals after being unable to find eye-catching artwork for my niece and nephews rooms. I found that the murals, although beautiful, do not grow with the Children and this gave me the inspiration I needed to created a more flexible and affordable way of decorating a room.

My illustrations are original, unique and a little quirky and will, without a doubt, bring a smile to that special little person in your life. Looking for something totally bespoke? Please contact me as I’d love to help out with whatever design ideas you may have.


I was born with a great surname, ‘Luck’. I have worked as a designer most of my career so I’ve combines my love of luck and design to create a collection of Lucky products to share with you. In a nut shell I’m sharing the ‘Luck’. Can you spot the lucky horseshoe within the designs?

Be Lucky.

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